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  • To any agent looking for a great real estate company to associate with & be part of a "TEAM", you could not pick a better company than Connect Realty. Many real estate offices promise a lot to get you in the door, but seldom follow through with their actions after you are on board. At Connect realty, they not only "talk the talk", but they also "walk the walk". You know from the start when joining, you made the right decision. I know of no other real estate office that offers all of the following and much, much more: * Starting commission for new agents with no experience 70% * Ability to go from 70% all the way up to 100% in commission the same year. * Build a team and receive additional compensation * No roll backs - ever * Comprehensive training and free Webinars * Personal website * A TRUE paperless system for transactions * Table funding for your commission the same day the transaction closes. No waiting for your check. I could go on and on with all the benefits Connect Realty has to offer you, but contact another Connect Realty agent in your area or the office manager and see for yourself! I assure you, you will not be disappointed.

    Chuck Miller, CA
  • Working for Connect Realty has been an amazing experience and rewarding in more ways than I ever dreamed. I was a stay at home mom for 16 years, and going out into the work force was more intimidating that I thought. When I first started looking for a Broker, I had a list of things that were important to me. At the very top of my list was chemistry. I visited with many other firms prior to coming in to Connect. On my visit to Connect, I was met at the door by David Boatner, the CEO for Connect. I had no idea who he was. He welcomed me in and took me back to a staff meeting where I was greeted by other members of the support staff one after the other, as well as other agents. Everyone was so attentive and welcoming. This was different than all the other firms I had been to. Number 1 on my list was met! That afternoon, I met with one of the Brokers from Connect who shared Connect's training, marketing support, fees, and last but not least, broker split. I was surprised to say the least. It seemed too good to be true. I have received excellent one-on-one training by seasoned agents. I feel blessed to have the marketing support staff that is always available to help with my marketing needs. My fees are a fraction of what other firms charge. If I ever have a question about something, there is always someone there to help. Working at Connect doesn't feel like work at all. It is something I look forward to and enjoy. The people at Connect are like family.

    Sonya Hicks, TX
  • I have really enjoyed being a Broker for Connect. I have the type of freedom that I would have with my own brokerage in every facet of my business, but I have the E & O, General Liability, and resources of a larger company backing me. I am a working broker, and being free of some of the admin makes it easier for me to get out and sell. The owners are great folks. They are not only growing a nationwide real estate company, but they are also in the residential real estate sales business in Houston. They understand what challenges agents and brokers face, and accommodate accordingly. I am very pleased!

    Cody Burnett, AR
  • My wife, Cynthia, and I joined Connect Realty in 2012, and we have been completely happy with our move! I have been in the business since 1979, both helping Realtors with their careers and selling real estate. We live in Galveston, which meant we needed to find a company that could support us via our home office. With Connect Realty’s state of the art, cloud-based transaction management system and virtual office, we had everything we need to work from home! Next on our list was a company that could provide support when needed and a compensation plan that offers higher splits than local companies and franchises. Connect Realty not only surpassed our expectations, but they also offered additional income opportunity. For example, if we refer an agent to the company, we receive a commission every time that agent closes a transaction. Just ask my wife Cynthia; she loves earning the extra money every time one of the agents she has referred closes a transaction. And no, you do not pay extra for this privilege. One last thing, everyone needs good leads from time to time. Connect Realty excels in this area of providing quality leads that come back to your site over and over.

    Roger Sturgell, TX
  • Connect Realty is an amazing company that has always had the highest integrity and has been a wonderful company to work for. From the management to all the staff, they have helped me become the Realtor that I am today by providing all the resources and support that one could ever need. The training that they provide is invaluable, and whenever I need a question answered, they were always there to provide an answer. I would recommend Connect Realty to any agent looking for a brokerage that feels like family!

    Deborah Crespo, TX
  • I joined Connect Realty in 2008 because the company’s business model was the best fit for me and my career goals. Their advanced technology is far superior than that of other companies in the market. However, the personal care that my agents and I have received from Agent Support and the corporate staff has been unmatched, which proves that Connect Realty truly places their agents first.

    Lois Cooper, AZ
  • Connect Realty’s tools and technologies not only facilitate the entire transaction process from contract to closing, but also greatly contribute to the success of my team and myself. In addition, the staff’s support has been instrumental and has allowed me to spend more time working in the field with buyers and sellers. As a result, my business has really escalated. In fact, I have been featured on The Wall Street Journal’s annual list of top 1,000 realtors in the country on several occasions, including their 2015 report where I ranked number 64 in the country based on the number of transactions I closed in 2014.  I am truly grateful to be part of a company that has helped me propel my business!

    Rich Harger, FL

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